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Importing Tractors to Australia (Part 3)

The third tractor I searched for to import to Australia was an unstyled model B with round spoke wheels, which was a lot harder to find. I eventually found a 1935 model B in Dunlap Iowa from Larry Folk and Sons Antique Tractors. I arranged to store the model B at the Folks place until I arrived to pick up in person when in the USA. 


Photo of the model B as advertised

cleaning the model B

The forth tractor was a 1952 styled AR which looks like a small model R tractor and were the last two cylinder tractors to be styled. the AR is a starndard tread configuation of the model A tractor. The model AR I found came from Manitoba Canada and was delivered to OK city while we were there. To my disappointment the tractor was not true to the sellers ad which stated “running”. Although it did run after cleaning dirty fuel/rust out of carbi and tow starting it. The starter motor had some kind of seed through it and was very rusty. On a positive note, the tractor came with an original operators manual. We had a bit of fun with this tractoras when it arrived at the Boultons, it came on the back of a truck with no ramps!, We took it to a local farm produce store and borrowed their loading ramp and then had their folk lift and driver tow start it. I then drove it on the main road for 2 miles back to the Boultons.

Photo of the model AR from advertisment

 View of the left hand side of the AR with flywheel removed to clean dirt and rust out of starter and flywheel area. 


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Importing Tractors to Australia (Part 2)

The second tractor I looked for was a Model R. Even though there are many model R’s in Australia, importing one was economical as it cost me a quarter of the price one in Australia would have. . I found a 1951 model R in Manitoba Canada. The seller arranged the road freight once my bank transferred cleared.

The Model R was the first John Deere Tractor to be powered with a diesel engine, was made from 1949 until 1954, they have a two cylinder horizontal engine 5.75x8 inch engine that is started by a two cylinder horizontally opposed petrol starting engine. The model R was tested to produce 35 draw bar HP, has a five speed transmission. optional was a live drive PTO and hydraulics.

Photo of the Model R taken when we arrived in Oklahoma City, the tractor had been stored in the yard of the Boultons for nearly 12 months.

in the first week we were in Oklahoma we we set about pulling the model A and R down and thoroughly cleaning them to ensure they pass Australian Quarantine. we hired a pressure washing service to assist us.


John Deere model A tractor hill climb


Importing Tractors to Australia (Part 1)

Even though I have always had a love for John Deere Tractors, it wasn’t until 2009 that I added them to my collection. Up until this time my collection only consisted of scale model John Deere tractors and other memorabilia.

 In 2008, while at our local tractor rally,  I began talking to some friends who had imported tractors in the past. It was at this point that my Dad and I began to plan purchasing two-cylinder John Deere tractors from the USA and bringing them back to Australia.

 A late Model A John Deere Tractor, with pressed steel frames instead of the cast frame on earlier models, was high on my list of tractors to purchase. There aren’t many John Deere imports into Australia compared to Ferguson and International Tractors, and although there are the shipping costs involved in importing the tractors into Australia, high production John Deere Vintage Tractor models  are cheaper in the USA than in Australia.

It took me 6-12 months to research importing tractors and look into tractors to purchase. Having a family friend who works for a shipping agent was a huge help. I decided to travel to the USA with a family friend, Peter Hancock, and spend time throughly cleaning the tractors to ensure they passed the strict Australian quarantine regulations. We spent a total of three weeks in the USA and were able to spend some time visiting the John Deere’s Headquarters, museums and factories in the Moline Illinois area. 

The above two photos are the model A John Deere from the Tractor House Website.

Taking the Model A for a drive once we got to Oklahoma, the #5 sickle mower attached

The  two main internet sites I used for my tractor search was Yesterday Tractors Magazine and Tractor House . My first purchase was a 1949 John Deere Model A purchased from Tulsa Oklahoma, not far from Oklahoma City where I had arranged with a family friend, Bill Boulton, to have the tractors shipped and stored until I arrived in the USA.  The purchase and delivery of the Model A to Oklahoma City was easier than expected due to , the seller and Bill Boulton having a mutual friend. The tractor came with a John Deere two bottom plow and a John Deere #5 sickle mower, an added bonus, as there aren’t many John Deere implements in Australia and would complement the collection once restored. The tractor was in very good shape, having no welds to the frame, throttle handle and clutch lever as is the case with some two cylinders. When I did eventually get the tractor home and began restoration, I realized it had a cracked cylinder head, a known weak spot on these particular tractors. I have since completed the restoration of the A and it can be seen on other post on this blog. In the future I will do a blog post about the restoration .