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Murwillumbah Show 2013

This weekend was the Murwillumbah Show. I took in four tractors the lanz crawler, John Deere A, 1935 John Deere B and the Allis Chalmers B. To be apart of the display of our local Mt. Warning Machinery Restorers Club exhibit. I took part in the grand parade on the model A John Deere. Gave two starting demonstrations of the Lanz.





Tractors for Sale

Hi All,

I have had a few enquires from people about where to advertise tractors online. just out of interest is there any one who would be interested in advertising their vintage tractor you are trying to sell on this website, if I allicated a page for such a use?

Please leave a comment.......




Caterpillar Twenty-Two 

The newest addition to our collection is a 1936 Caterpillar Twenty Two Crawler Tractor. This tractor was made in Peoria Illinois USA, has a 4.1 L four cylinder petrol engine and produces just under 24HP. The tractor was found years ago on a friends relatives property, however it was only recently that the owner agreed to selling it. 


Mag and spark plug leads on the RH side of engine

Oil pressure!

After transporting it to our shed, the tractor was steam cleaned and I began the repairs to get it running. Firstly, I removed the magneto to check the reason for the tractor not having any spark. With the help of a friend, we got it throwing a good spark by cleaning dirty points. New ignition leads were made, the old terminals from the brittle original leads removed and the terminals soldered to new pieces of HT lead. Next I concentrated on the carburettor. When I turned the engine over (using the hand crank as there is no starter motor) I noticed the carbie had a fuel leak from the bottom intake pipe. As this is updraft carburettor it would be difficult to flood it, however I removed the carburettor to check that it was clean and that the needle and seat was serviceable. Finally I set about cranking it over to no avail, so with the help of my Dad, we used the 4wd to tow start the 1936 Caterpillar until it fired up.

I forward to one day restoring this tidy original machine.


John Deere Fall Fest 2012 (part three)

This is part three of the Fall Fest photos
A John Deere 530 with a mounted two row corn picker, this would drive between rows of corn picking two rows at a time and dropping it in the wagon being towed by the tractor.

Model A high crop tractor

A Model D with plow

A rare 720 standard tread petrol tractor


model 430 Industrial Tractors, yellow was the standard colour of the 430 industrial, a municipal (or shire council as we know it in Austrlalia), made a request to John Deere to have there tractors painted red to match there trucks.


 a New Generaton 4020 Diesel Tractor








Importing Tractors to Australia (Part 3)

The third tractor I searched for to import to Australia was an unstyled model B with round spoke wheels, which was a lot harder to find. I eventually found a 1935 model B in Dunlap Iowa from Larry Folk and Sons Antique Tractors. I arranged to store the model B at the Folks place until I arrived to pick up in person when in the USA. 


Photo of the model B as advertised

cleaning the model B

The forth tractor was a 1952 styled AR which looks like a small model R tractor and were the last two cylinder tractors to be styled. the AR is a starndard tread configuation of the model A tractor. The model AR I found came from Manitoba Canada and was delivered to OK city while we were there. To my disappointment the tractor was not true to the sellers ad which stated “running”. Although it did run after cleaning dirty fuel/rust out of carbi and tow starting it. The starter motor had some kind of seed through it and was very rusty. On a positive note, the tractor came with an original operators manual. We had a bit of fun with this tractoras when it arrived at the Boultons, it came on the back of a truck with no ramps!, We took it to a local farm produce store and borrowed their loading ramp and then had their folk lift and driver tow start it. I then drove it on the main road for 2 miles back to the Boultons.

Photo of the model AR from advertisment

 View of the left hand side of the AR with flywheel removed to clean dirt and rust out of starter and flywheel area.